Livin' the Dream...

Updated: Aug 4

I love the quote by renown Norwegian artist Edward Munch, "I don't paint what I see, I paint what I saw." He is know for painting raw emotions, truths we all feel and most famous for The Scream.

As I grow creatively, I am constantly discovering new things. I find unfamiliar bits and pieces in the of the rhythm of life around me.

Then come the questions. How much of this image is real AND how much of the picture has my inspired mind created? Am I awake when I am observing or did I imagine the scene?

You might even think 2020 is a dream. A nightmare even, one we need to wake up from. I have a unique perspective having been doing just that for half of my lifetime as a person with the little known sleep disorder Narcolepsy.

Not snoozing on the facts helped me make peace with my own version of The Scream and so I will be sharing my story with Project Sleep as a speaker for the Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Program.

In fact, July 8th 1880 was the day French physician Jean-Baptiste- Edouard Gelineau first described Narcolepsy in a medical journal.

I'll keep you posted. #narcolepsynotalone #projectsleep #risingvoicesofnarcolepsy

Credit: The Scream Norwegian:Skrik, German:Der Schrei der Natur

Artist: EdvardMunch Year: 1893 Type: Oil,tempera,pastelandcrayononcardboard

Dimensions: 91 cm × 73.5 cm (36 in × 28.9 in)

Location: National GalleryandMunch Museum, Oslo, Norway


@2018 by Lisa Domenic. 

 "We plan - and God steps in with another plan for us and He is all-wise and the most loving friend  we always have helping us."   

Nettie Fowler McCormick